Why E-Insurance Online?

E-Insuranceonline has been assisting businesses and individuals in Florida since 2000. Our merger with K & M Insurance Agency, LLC March of 2005; we have become one of the leading and most respected health and life insurance firms in the area. We care about you, your business and your employees.

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional personal and benefit services. We are confident that our level of personal and professional customer service will meet and exceed your expectations. Our team has over 22 years of combined experience in group benefits and individual insurance. We provide this service at no direct cost to you or your employees. Brokerage fees are built into all insurance premiums regardless of whether or not you use one.

Individuals, business owners and their employees should expect more from their broker or agent than just a one-time enrollment and an annual renewal visit. Most brokers are not staffed or trained to provide the level of service that e-insurancelonline does. . More importantly, we are especially proud that our customers continue to stay with us. We have one of the highest rates of customer satisfaction for insurance services in our state of Florida.