Vision Insurance for Small Business

Where were we before proper eye care was invented? Although eyeglasses have been around for nearly 1,500 years, it wasn't until the early 18h century that eyeglasses as we know them (with the handles passing behind the ears) came about. Interestingly, a number of people who made advances in the field of corrective eyewear were astronomers, including, among others, Johannes Keller. Bifocals were first invented by Benjamin Franklin, who suffered from both near- and farsightedness--his invention kept him from needing to constantly swap pairs of glasses.

In today's crazy world most individuals have some sort of vision impairment. There are however options such as Eyeglasses, contact lenses or laser surgery that can be used to correct a person's vision. Just because a person isn't wearing glasses doesn't mean that that she has perfect vision. Vision insurance, for those lucky enough to have it, is a much-used insurance benefit.

Vision Insurance Is Just a Click Away

If you're looking to add group vision insurance to your business, E-Insuranceonline can help. We've been involved with the insurance industry nationwide for many years, and we work with all of leading insurance brokers. When you come to E-Insuranceonline, we really listen so that we can provide exactly what you need for your small business.

hen you call E-Insuranceonline, we will listen to your needs and compile a number of proposals for you. We'll help you implement and roll out the plan that works best for you, and then we'll be available year-round to provide support for you and your employees. We are group who offers superior service for our group client base. Let us know how we can help now and for the future. We have a strong customer service department that will answer to your beck and call. Let us know what we can do to help your employee satisfaction.

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