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Are you not sure if you qualify for individual coverage based on your pre-existing conditions? Do you know what a preexisting condition is and how an insurance company will interpret your health? Do you know what a rider--rate-up--or declination is? If you want to learn more about if you qualify for health insurance from top rated insurance carriers please give us a call at 800-554-9142. We have a carrier that will write most conditions certain carriers will not. Please call us for friendly advice.

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Short Term Health Insurance Plans

This new short term health insurance plan features the following

-  Optional periods of coverage
-  Different deductible options
-  12-month extension of benefits
-  60-day extension of benefits
-  United Health Care Choice network

For details on this new short term health insurance plan or
to sign up online -- click the Link

Save Money With a HSA (Health Savings Accounts) 

HSA (Health Savings Accounts) are tax deferred health plans that are available to individuals in Florida . In many cases the self employed have taken a great advantage to these plans in recent years. In many cases you can end up with a big enough tax write that would pay for your annual health insurance premiums.

Does your family have the following characteristics?

Florida health insurance -  You are paying a high premium for a copay
   type plan

-  Your family as a group is healthy

-  Looking for affordable alternatives

Call E-Insurance Online today so we can explain how Florida HSA programs work. They can save you a ton of money every year. Let us explain how--call 800-554-9142. New HSA plans arrive every year. Let us fill you in on new products.

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Dental Insurance--You can now use any Dentist you on the planet!

Florida health insurance This is by far the best dental plan that money can buy in Florida . This program uses a national PPO network. This program is underwritten and is only sold by a few agents in Florida .

Please view the Dental PPO Insurance Please -- click the link.

Florida health insurance E-Insurance Online has many alternative Dental programs to offer you. Another wonderful plan for yourself or family would be the Starmark 800 dental program. This is a much more affordable option that includes vision and prescription discount coverage. Give us a call today to learn more about the major difference in Florida dental insurance.

Please view the Starmark 800 Dental program -- click the link.

Discount Dental Plan--Network Discount Cards

This would be the most affordable option you could choose as an alternative to a fully insured dental plan. You get the advantage of having the insurance carriers rates for services. These plans are very good for individual or families that are only looking for great preventive coverage--as they will cover for major services--but only at a discount. We have clients on these programs as they access some of the biggest names in insurance.

These programs cover orthodontia immediately with no waiting period at a discount. If you would like to learn more about these dental plans give us a call today 800-554-9142. To view the plans directly online you can just follow the steps below.

Dental plans.com

If you take multiple generic types of medications we do offer a couple co-pay plans that would work for you. To all of our clients and some lucky callers we give you access to a free prescription card. There are no gimmicks or catches--we are just trying to help the consuming public in any area possible. For our free program please give us a call at 800-554-9142.

Please view our Co Pay Prescription Plan -- Click Here.

If you take brand name drugs on a regular basis most health insurance carriers in Florida would link the drugs you take to a pre-existing condition. We actually have a new carrier that would most likely rate you up and cover that medication after a nominal deductible.

E-Insurance Online can save you a great deal of money on your Florida Health Insurance.

Florida health insurance
Please view our Consumers Guide to Buying Florida Health Insurance. We again want to give you concise, informative, and usable information. This guides walks you through all the steps that you need to make an informative decision.

Consumer guide to buying Florida Health Insurance
Click and read.

Please check out our Maternity Plan option -- Click on link to view.

Florida health insurance You can get optional maternity coverage on with most individual health insurance carriers. Most plans have a minimum waiting period before benefits are paid in full. Most maternity riders have a minimum wait period of 12 months. Give us a call to find out about our newest maternity benefit that will be available in July. Call 800-554-9142 for details.

We do have defined benefit health plans that will cover an exorbitant amount of the cost incurred. Furthermore, there would be a variety of discount programs you will want to check out.

Florida Maternity Insurance Program -- Click on link to read more.

Do your health insurance premiums go up every year?

Florida health insurance Statistics would tell the you that an average individual health insurance policy is held for a maximum of 14 months. In most cases your rising insurance premiums have pushed you out of your coverage. If you do obtain a preexisting condition you are now out of luck because you are not eligible for other individual carrier coverage.

Ways to keep your premiums level?

  1. You first must use our broker services every year. We run rates from hundreds of carriers so if you do get a rate increase your not happy with its most likely we can place you again with similar coverage--that entails better rates.

  2. Make sure you exercise daily--your height and wait play a big role when it comes to health insurance rates. Preventive maintenance is key to your health--whether it's cleaning your teeth--or doing that extra sit up.

  3. Make sure you quit smoking. Its one of the leaders and cause of diseases in America today. It also increases your health insurance rates considerably.

  4. Make sure you speak to one of our insurance professionals to discuss your situation. All of you coming from small employer group plans and think you are going to get the same coverage are crazy. Once you realize the actual cost of a health policy you might change your mind. High deductible plans with an H.S.A. are the way to go.

Give us a call today and we can give you a comparison of the best benefits at the lowest costs.

You can now get coverage within 48 hours with Florida short term health insurance!

With this program you can use any doctor or hospital. It has very low premiums with a wide range of deductibles. These programs are renewable until age 65. The underwriting is based on sic questions and is usually issued next day. Full major medical plans with a policy cap of $2 million dollars. We have done the research and this program seems to have the best short term health insurance rates.

Apply today for coverage tomorrow.

If you need immediate quote -- click here to apply online.

Florida health insurance

You can now call us 24 hours a day--Speak with a friendly insurance professional today.

Do you want affordable Florida health insurance-affordable, affordable, and affordable? Doesn't every Florida resident. Make sure to shop with us and understand why some insurance plans are cheaper than others. There are key points to touch on when figuring out why some plans are much cheaper than others. You have to look at financial stability and the history of willingness--along with their ability to pay those claims incurred.

When speaking with insurance professionals on the phone make sure to ask some serious questions. If the agent is really pushing in trying to get you to meet in person because it is the only way you can purchase their policy--BEWARE. Make sure you ask this question--Are you a captive insurance agent? If they say yes--do yourself a favor and hang up the phone. Most likely they can offer you only a few products--which are not the best in cost or benefit plans. If they misinform you about being the only company that can help you due to the large size of their association--please hang up the phone.

Florida health insurance If for some reason you get duped into meeting with these agents make sure they leave you a brochure of coverage--then call us so we can explain your benefits to you. It seems some of these agents forget to tell you all the details of the program. Do not purchase insurance plans with the following characteristics.

Pass on Florida Insurance plans that have these criteria

  1. If the daily limits on hospital stay or room and board
  2. If the plans have caps on surgeon's fees.
  3. If the plan offers limits on miscellaneous benefits while in hospital
  4. If the agent you meet with wants to charge you $100 or more for administration costs.

They will try to get a check from you. They seem to be very pushy. Let yourself part ways in showing him which way the door is. If you are tricked into buying a policy with these characteristics please give us a call so we can put your family out of harms way. We will give you a free consult on the benefits you can purchase at better rates. Again we are not like a captive agent that can only sell only a couple of products. We are not biased in our choices. Let us know what we can do to assist you further.

How to get in trouble with an insurance company

Many Florida residents have preexisting conditions. In many cases your policy will have a rider added to it based on your medical history. If you do get a rider on your policy--look into reapplying with another carrier. In most cases we have a carrier that will not rider your policy--rather they will rate you up and cover your condition.

In many cases a single rider on your policy could go into greater depth than you think. Say for example the underwriters put a rider on your policy for high cholesterol. The carrier states that it will not cover claims within the insurance contract for your doctor visits and prescriptions. What you need to be aware of is that most likely that carrier is not going to cover anything to do with you artier--heart etc.

Further down the road this can come into play. Make sure to give us a call so we can get you with a carrier that will cover your preexisting condition. We might not be able to help everyone--but we will give you best effort possible. If we can't work out an individual policy for you--alternative still exist--give us a call to find out what they are.

Florida HMO plans provide great coverage. They are similar to that of an employer group plan and are offered in south Florida . These are currently available in Broward, Dade, Palm Beach , Martin, and St Lucie counties.

HMO plans are not our first suggestion--but these programs are probably the most comprehensive in the market place. They offer low copays for all types of medical service. With the very low out of pocket expenses--these programs are very attractive to south Florida residents that are coming off employer group plans.

These programs offer the following characteristics:

-  Low office visit, hospital, and testing copays
-  Emergency room copays before your deductible
-  Vision and Dental coverage
-  Discounts on alternative medicine
-  Great health insurance rates
-  Optional maternity coverage that offers one low copay

If you live in south Florida and need great maternity coverage--let us show you what this HMO has to offer.

To view HMO quotes,
choose the plans, and apply online -- click here.

  Florida health insurance

Florida Heath Insurance Plans

My health insurance premiums increasing every year--what can I do? What are my alternatives? What health insurance plan is the best at little or no cost? These questions are apparent on a daily basis when I talk to the consuming public. Every individual wants the best health insurance--but does not want to pay for it. We understand this is an issue because we also pay for our own health insurance.

This would be the statement I hear everyday when someone calls into get some help. I want the best possible health insurance plan--but do not want to pay a high premium. The bottom line is that every health insurance policy is not going to be perfect in your eyes. E-Insurance Online differentiate the plans and carriers by making choices of what programs we think are better than others. Health insurance is a necessary evil. We can tell you what plans are not worth having and also what plans would be better in our opinion. Coming to this conclusion is based on the experience we have had over the past few years with claims, rate increases, and benefit changes.

E-Insurance Online sells in our opinion the best products that are offered in the state of Florida . Your family deserves to have coverage that will pay when you make a claim. We are not hear to show you plans that pay for every little item--even though we have some that do. Our job is to act in assessing your health insurance needs and placing you with a company that will protect your family's financial risk. We are your personal customer service department when something doesn't go your way. Call us first so we can figure out what happened and we will take the responsibility of dealing direct with the insurance carrier.

Everyone shops health insurance rates on an annual basis. We will be here through out the year--updating you with new products we find usable. When rates do increase--we still want to be able in helping you choose the most affordable health insurance policy for that next year. Make sure you always have your health insurance coverage in place. If you need a policy for a short period of time--let us fill the gap with a short term policy.

Our company gives you all you will need to know up front. We provide you with concise--accurate--and usable information. It is our job to help you find the most affordable health insurance coverage at the best rates. Give us a call so we can go over your current situation. We will only give you advice--we are not here to over sell you--the final interpretation will be up to you.

If you give us a call you might not like what we have to say. That might be the simple fact that you are looking for something that does not exist in the marketplace. I'll assure you that we have run into every scenario possible in the health insurance market. We will either be able to put you in a great fitting policy--or not help you at all. As we are very attentive listening to your hard aches--you do not need to look any further because we are the best place to get your health insurance taken care of.

Please give us a call today at 1-800-554-9142 . It will not cost you a dime for our free advice as the insurance companies pay us directly and we are offering you
to call us toll free. We know what we are talking about--once on the phone with one of our insurance professionals you will feel very comfortable. We have the biggest variety of product lines on the Internet. If you are looking for affordable health insurance coverage--we can certainly fill that void. If you want the truth on Florida health insurance plans please contact us today for your informative session of honesty.

Please call one of our friendly insurance professionals today. Try Morgan Q. Moran, Kirsten M. Portrie, Earl Linthicum, Lee Simanoff, or Joseph Gager--as we are all well qualified and licensed to speak with you about your health insurance in Florida .

Do you need to take a paramedical exam for health insurance?

Florida health insurance policies are fully medically underwritten. Most carriers do not request a paramedical exam--certainly can if that is the carriers protocol. If they do in fact want you to take a paramedical exam make sure to know the steps you must take to insure your best possible outcome. The most important item you must accomplish is to need eat 24 hours before your tests. If you eat fast food before your paramedical exam--we assure you a negative outcome. Prepare multiple days before your exam by drinking lots of water. You do not want to get declined from coverage or pay a higher rate because you did forget to fast.

Florida Health Insurance Facts

In many cases we speak to individuals on a daily basis that do not buy Florida health insurance. It is one issue or another--they don't like the fact that an insurance carrier will not cover their preexisting condition--or the plan they are looking at for thirty dollars a month for a family of seven doesn't have a copay for doctor visits or prescriptions.

Fortunately you have us to tell you what insurance was originally for--and why your family buys health insurance. It is for the catastrophic events that come unexpectedly in your life. Insurance is the sharing of risk among a group of people that would otherwise not be able to pay a large hospital bill. Insurance is not supposed to cover every little claim--such as your Dr. visits and prescriptions. It is to cover you from going medically bankrupt when an individual in your family gets hit by a bus--or discovers they have a terminal illness.

Do you want to be admitted when you do have that unexpected accident or illness? Do you want to have a say in what Doctors you'd like to see? I know many clients that decided to finally buy Florida health insurance because when the did in fact get sick and go to the hospital--the hospital asked--who is your insurance carrier? When they responded we don't have any health insurance--the hospital sent them on their way. It is sad to say--but is very much a fact in today's world.

Florida health insurance Do you pay for car insurance? Do you get oil changes? Don't you think your health and wellbeing are more important than your car? Whether it's you car or own health--preventive maintenance is the key to having a long life span. If you can afford health insurance--I'd suggest purchasing it very quickly. We are here to help you make the right Decision. Give us a call today 800-554-9142.

Does your Florida Health Insurance Policy Cover you Internationally? 

The answer to the above questions it is most likely no. American based health insurance carriers do not have to cover you over seas. When you travel outside Florida and the states make sure to give us a call regarding your options for multi-trip--travel--and annual international health insurance plans. We offer the largest product selection for these programs--with options of deductible starting at $250. By the way you should ask us about the maternity benefit on these international health plans--surely you'll be very surprised in how comprehensive they are.

Recently moved to Florida and can't get Health Insurance coverage?

All health insurance carriers in Florida have waiting periods for newly bound American citizens. We do in fact have carriers that will cover you once you have been in the United States for 6 or more months. If you are in lieu of getting an insurance policy because you have not been here for the above waiting period please give us a call. We have international health insurance plans that have great coverage and will take you. They are very comprehensive programs that cover you worldwide?

Are you a businessman that travels outside of Florida and the United States?

If you are traveling a great deal it might be a smart decision to purchase a multi-trip international health plan. If you do not need an insurance policy that would cover you for multiple trips--check out our travel policies. They are approved within 24 hours. If you are in a rush and need immediate coverage give is a call today at 800-554-9142.

For more information or immediate quotes on multi-trip--travel--or international health insurance -- please click this link.

Florida Long Term Care Health Insurance

Florida Long-term health care health insurance can be very difficult find. There are many different carriers that offer long term care health insurance--but many of them have very different ideals in how you should fund these policies. Do you need a policy that offers life insurance benefits?--payment for home care health services?--If you are not sure what you need for your loved ones give us a call today. One of our friendly insurance professionals will be able to give you concise, accurate, and usable information.

Do you know why it is important to have long term health care insurance in place? Having this type of product protects your family from having to pay very expensive home health care services that nursing homes often charge. You must think ahead for the protection for your family's legacy. You baby booming Floridians must really take a good look at this type of product--it will save you and your family enormous amounts of money.

We have solutions for your problems. Our variety of Florida long term care health insurance products is far beyond anyone other company on the Internet. Fill out our easy to use online form for quote--or give one of our insurance professionals a call today at 800-554-9142 for a free consultation.

Florida health insurance

Steps to saving money on your Florida health insurance.

  1. Health Insurance rates in Florida are regulated and approved by the insurance commissioner. The Florida Department of Insurance has the right to deny or accept rates assumed by insurance carriers domiciled in your lovely state. We would like you to know that we have expertise in the health insurance field and offer the biggest variety of Florida health insurance plans in the state. All rates relating to insurance are the same--if you get quotes from the carrier or us directly--they will always be the same. The major difference is we are not based in sticking you with one carrier or the other--buying direct they will push you toward the plan they feel will cost them the lowest in claims.

    We get a kick out of individuals that call into our group and give us the famous line of--we are just shopping around. Trust us when we say the best health plans in Florida are going to be the ones we offer you--that is the bottom line. If you shop around to much its most likely you will run into one of those captive agents that misinform you about there wonderful associations. Do not be trick--don't look any further as we give you concise, accurate, and usable information.

  2. Make sure that our insurance professionals explain the coverage you are going to purchase in detail to where you are satisfied. We want happy--long term client--that fully understand all aspects to their plans. Our insurance consultants are not in any rush. We obtain thousands of new clients each year because we are not pushy and are very honest. Again--like to stress that all individuals should know what their current and new health insurance coverage limitations and exclusions are.

  3. If you run across a captive agent--or carrier you are not very familiar with--odds are you do not want that coverage. Make sure your plan does not have internal limits on room and board, days in the hospital, how many doctor visits you can have in a quarter, or per accident or illness deductibles. If you do choose this sort of plan before you run into u--please give a call today so we can explain your benefits to you.

  4. Make sure you ask the big question. Are you a captive sales agent? Just know if they say yes--this agent can only offer you a few different options--those of which are not usually competitive in the marketplace. If they insist on setting up an appointment be weary and give us a call. Remember that we can offer low level--limited plans such as they do. The bottom line is that we can place you with a comprehensive health insurance plan at a cheaper rate. I assure you a greater happiness for the life of your policy.

  5. If you are coming from an employer group plan--remember that you probably worked for an organization that had thousands of employees. Wouldn't you think by having that many employees is would be easier to offer better health insurance benefits? The answer to that question is yes. Fact of the matter is the people you do have in an employer group plan--there are more healthily than sick individuals. Overall--this reduces risk and lets you obtain better benefits.

    We do offer plans that would come close to mimicking that of an employer group plan. If you are looking to save money over the long haul we might suggest that you go in a different direction. Again--this is just usable information--in the end you will have to make the decision. Just make sure that if you do have one of those low deductible--copay type plans that you get your use out of it--as they are very expensive.

  6. Don't let those captive sales agents convince you about a plan where you can go to any doctor or hospital. We cover you 24 hours on or off the job. They might tell you that all other plans only cover reasonable and customary. If you do have a program that has PPO negotiated rate--then you do in fact that that negotiated rate--as being reasonable and customary. You are not going to pay more than that PPO rate in Florida --as some captive agents might tell you otherwise.

  7. We get numerous calls everyday from Floridians explaining to us that they would like the most affordable program at the cheapest rate. That is a great approach to go with when you are speaking a salesman--but we are honest consultants. If you want to buy a cheap health insurance program you will get what you pay for. As we see it the only way to lower your health insurance premium is to either take a higher deductible--or take benefits out of your program. We would most likely tell you to do the first--as taking a program with internal limits is very dangerous.

    All affordable health insurance in Florida gets a rate increase every year. Surely if you have been in the marketplace being self employed for the past few years your rates have been increased. This would be for a number of reasons--such as you are now a year older--someone individuals in your group certificate made major claims--among many others. Give us a call so we can help you find a more affordable plan for the new year. We assure you that we can find you a new plan at a lower cost. Once you become a client of ours you will never leave. We follow up and are in contact with all of our Floridian clients on a semiannual basis.

  8. Florida health insurance plans are fully underwritten. If you do have some preexisting conditions--it is quite possible they you could be denied coverage. Make sure that when you do decide to apply with us that we have explained in full all the possible outcomes. In most all cases we will know what carriers you should apply with for a positive one. Make sure you are very honest on your application. I you lie and slip through the cracks it is very possible that a claims review would be assessed on you in the future. If this occurs and they catch you in the act--they will not only deny your claims--you might be prosecuted for a felony in the state. Let us know what your conditions are up front so we can give you concise, accurate, and usable information.

  9. Do you know how your high deductible PPO plan works? Make sure one of our consultants explains what kind of discounts you will get when going to the Doctor. The PPO discounted rate will surprise you. In many instances your Florida doctor might charge $200 for his regular fees. With the PPO discount your bill might come out to be closer to $90. This can occur with doctor visits, testing, and many other necessary medical services. Make sure you have all the information you need to make a sound decision. We have samples on hand to show you how the PPO discount works with your program.

  10. High deductible health plans coupled with a health savings are the best Florida health insurance plans you can buy. Why pay extra premium for benefits you do not use. Let your insurance dollars go where you want. Most people don't go to the doctor all that often and pay an extra $200 a month for that benefit. You're a smart individual--do the math yourself. Take a higher deductible and save that $2400 a year. Put it into a health savings account and earn 5% interest tax deferred. If you have the money to take the risk of a higher deductible I'd suggest you do--you'll save thousands of dollars being one of our clients.

  11. Are you a self employed individual looking to lower your health insurance premiums? You will want to speak with one of our consultants about the new and improved health savings accounts in Florida . We can show you how these tax favored plans can lower your health care on an annual basis. America is going toward the idea of high deductible programs. Don't be the last self employed, individual, or family to catch on to these plans. Give us a call today so we can tell you how they work.

  12. Financial ratings to come into play when looking for a Florida health insurance policy. Of course it is not the most important factor when discussing your insurance--but if a company has a low financial rating there is a reason why. You do not want to purchase a program that has a financial rating under A-. If you do it could so happen that your carrier will go out of business and not be able to pay your claims. Remember our company only offers the highest rated health insurance carriers in Florida . We have over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. We assure that when you buy a policy thorough us--you will be getting the best available insurance in the marketplace.

  13. Our website is the best place to find concise, accurate, and usable information when shopping for Florida health insurance. Make sure that you always speak to licensed insurance agent. Many dishonest individuals are out there making calls that are offering health discount programs. It is most likely that they don't explain the details of the programs at hand and you buy a discount card that you think is actual health insurance. We do not reuse your personal information. It is for our use only. When you complete our easy to use online quote form you can view many of the top carriers we recommend. You can get quotes, choose your plan, and apply online. If at any point you need some usable information from our consults give us a call at 800-554-9142,

  14. We are here to offer you the availability of the top Florida health insurance carriers at the tips of your fingers. We allow you to quote, choose your plan, and apply online. Details of all our health insurance policies are on our website quote engine. If you have questions regarding details--or limitation and exclusions please give us a call. If you would like to chat with a live agent--we have also given you the opportunity to chat live with us through our secure online chat. We do offer online, telephone, and faxable applications. Let us know what your busy schedule is like and what process would be easier for you. We have already accomplished your groundwork. You will not find a better Florida health insurance plan anywhere else. Please give us a call today for a free consultation--800-554-9142.

  15. We do offer very compressive Florida health insurance programs in Broward, Palm Beach , Date, and a few other counties. A new top carrier just came to our beautiful state offering HMO programs everywhere else in Florida . If you are used to HMO programs--let us show you to only two individual carriers that offer these types of programs in the sunshine state. We hope our website gave you concise, accurate, and usable information that will help you in deciding what Florida health insurance program is best for the individual--family--self employed--or small business owner. Call us today at 800-554-9142.
E-Insurance Online serves the entire state Florida . You will not find better health insurance rates anywhere else on the web. Let us know what we can do for you today. Get quotes, choose plans, and apply online. Florida 's number one resource for shopping and buying Health Insurance.
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