Small Group Health Insurance

Small group health insurance benefits have really taken one of the biggest hits in the healthcare industry. Groups starting with 2 employees--ranging to 50 employees do not have a huge selection to choose from. There is not much flexibility and you are pretty much at the insurance carriers mercy. The costs of these programs in many instances are similar to that of a very large corporation and many smaller employers cannot afford the premiums available. Although many think they cannot be helped--there are always alternatives to your current situation. In some instances we can decrease your costs and increase your benefits. We at E-Insurance online have the solution to small group health insurance problems or concerns.

With the addition of E-Insurance Online's new small group division we are now able to offer outstanding rates on comprehensive health insurance policies for you the little guy. If your company has 2 or 50 employees, they're many ways to cut costs and increase your current benefits. If you are an employer that has a variety of employees--ranging from the key men of the operation to the hourly waged worker--we can offer you dual solutions that would enable employees to have more than one choice when choosing health programs. Tell us about your current situation so we can give you a some timely advice. Whatever your current situation or goals--with some of our insight--we can start you in the direction you want to go through educating you on ways to decrease your small group health insurance costs.

E-Insurance Online offers the largest variety of products in the market today. With our excellent customer service and knowledge of the smaller group market we can help. From the moment you first contact us about a new healthcare plan--whether it is via our online application or over the telephone--to the issuance of the policy, we give you full customer service. We are all about giving accurate information that will help and not hinder your current situation.

E-Insurance Online takes our advisory role seriously and strive to make sure our clients needs are being met and over exceeded. To speak with one of our friendly insurance consultants please give us a call at 800-554-9142. From there we can set up a conference call with the head of our small group division.