Florida Payroll Deduction Plans

With all of the prosperous business activity occurring in Florida --you would think that employers could offer top qualify benefit packages. Providing an attractive employee benefits package can be very challenging in today's ever changing marketplace. Compiling a tailored benefits package for employees can be very time consuming. Let us take the guesswork out. Your best choice for Florida payroll deduction plans starts here right in front of you on our website.

Let E-Insurance Online, the experts in Florida payroll deduction plans, help devise a plan that meets the needs of both yourself and employees. You can start by filling out a simple information request form--or, if you prefer--you can call one of our friendly and knowledgeable insurance professionals at 800-554-9142. Once you have filled our easy to use form we can get back to you with suggestions and solutions to your current situation.

Many people look to their employers for access to life--disability--and accidental supplemental insurance. These plans are a cost-effective way to enhance benefits packages for your employees. Employees pay for this coverage through the convenience of a payroll deduction. We offer access of several different insurance carriers. Our priority is not to steer business to any one company; instead, we provide an environment in which insurance companies compete against each other to give you the widest possible range of choices. You can then compare rates and coverage so that you can choose the Florida payroll deduction plans that best suits your company's situation.

At E-Insurance Online, we don't simply throw options and leave you to your own devices. If at any point during the selection process you have any questions or concerns--we'll be glad to help--we can even provide local support when needed. If you're a large corporation looking for discounted group rates, ask us about our affiliation with J & K Consulting and how we can help you save money today.

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