Critical Care Insurance

Okay, so you've probably realized that you're going to be healthy forever and have decided to protect your family's financial security. Being diagnosed with a critical illness can generate many costs over and above normal medical expenses--costs that might not be covered by your traditional health plan. A critical care policy can help cover the costs that arise from a critical illness diagnosis without draining your savings.

The thing you need to understand is that over 50 percent of bankruptcies are medically related and that the costs surrounding a cancer diagnosis are on average $146,000 per patient. If you were diagnosed with things such as invasive cancer--heart attack--stroke--kidney--failure--Coma--Coronary artery bypass--loss of sight--speech--hearing--major organ transplant--paralysis--severe burns--or occupational HIV, would you want extra money on hand to help support your loved ones? Your critical illness coverage would pay you a lump sum of money on first diagnosis of these conditions discussed to help you through those tough times.

Critical care insurance could help you pay off your mortgage--business debt--replace lost income--help you pursue treatments not covered by your traditional health plan--cover deductibles or copays--or even to help hire a new employee to help keep your business going. E-Insurance Online offers many highly rated insurance carriers that offer these affordable critical illness policies in Florida . Please use our easy online rate quote form that is simple and easy to fill out, so you can make multiple requests and fine tune your search parameters to see what's out there.

Once you have sorted through your options, an E-Insurance Online professional can help you choose which option makes the most sense. Unlike other companies, our people know their business and go beyond the call of duty in their efforts to help you. Call today at 800-554-9142 and find out what we can do for you.

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