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As one of the leading online source for individual, family and small business insurance, e-insuranceonline is a full service Customer Care Center to all of our applicants and customers. Our Customer Care Center is staffed by customer service representatives in all departments including sales, enrollment, and customer service that are fully licensed and insured in the state you are purchasing insurance. This highly experienced team provides a wide range of services to you from assistance in choosing a health plan, answering benefit questions, and completing your enrollment application to answering any pre-enrollment questions you may have.
As a valued customer, we provide ongoing service that includes claims and billing resolution, physician selection and changes, adding/deleting dependents and employees to existing plans, and all other customer service related issues. e-insurance online is committed to being the leader in online health insurance sales and customer service. If you have suggestions for improving our web site, please let us know.
Individual and Family Health Plans Inquiries Customer Care Center
800-554-9142 Mon-Sun, 6AM-9PM EST
Small Business and Small Group Insurance Inquiries: Customer Care Center
800-554-9142 Mon-Sun, 6AM-9PM EST